Empowering small businesses to evolve through their financial story by turning profit into a habit



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Where do we begin?

Write a compelling financial story ("FINstory") in the most efficient manner

Using QuickBooks Online and its powerful ecosystem of task and industry specific apps

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What’s next?

Analyze the finstory

Comparing your company’s performance against the targets we set together at the beginning of each month

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Now to the future!

Plan a better next chapter to the FINstory each and every month

Adjusting the performance targets and establishing a plan for achieving the new goals

FINstory Service levels

Each service level can be accessed through 1 of 2 options:

  1. FINdetail optimizes/creates and manages the new system

  2. FINdetail optimizes/creates the new system, trains your company's employees and assists them in the management of the new system moving forward

If you’re not quite ready for QuickBooks Online but you’re ready to

turn PROFIT into a HABIT

rather than an event you’re waiting to happen, check out our other services!

Month-end reporting package contains the standard reports (i.e. Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Report, Accounts Receivable Aging Summary, Accounts Payable Aging Summary and Bank Reconciliations) as well as any agreed upon customized reports

Month-end analytics package contains a robust and easy to follow report on your performance in comparison to the set targets

  • Mid-month and month-end transaction processing

  • Month-end reporting and analytics package

  • Mid-month and month-end status calls (FINstory coaching)

  • Month-end transaction processing

  • Month-end reporting and analytics package

  • Month-end status calls (FINstory coaching)

  • Month-end transaction processing

  • Month-end reporting package

How it Works

  • Monthly investment is inclusive of staff training and QuickBooks Online company file troubleshooting

  • Monthly investment is inclusive of the QuickBooks Online subscription as well as any Intuit approved apps to be utilized


  • Powerful accounting tool that also integrates with an ecosystem of Intuit approved apps

  • Apps make data capture more user friendly and efficient

  • Industry and task specific apps offer additional features and functionality

Online Benefits

  • Robust Cyber Security: 128 bit encryption

  • Access: from any device with an internet connection

  • Price: half off through a ProAdvisor and value of efficiency frees up resources for reallocation to other areas of the business

  • Always Up-To-Date: updates are pushed through automatically, no need to purchase new versions

  • Continuous Backup: no need to manually backup company file

Other Services

  • Bespoke service packages

  • FINstory Health Check Report

  • FINstory Coaching

  • Business Evolution Consulting

  • Financial statement compilations

  • QuickBooks Online training

  • QuickBooks Online troubleshooting

FINstory Health Check Report:

  1. Assessment of the last 12 months of your business’ financial performance

  2. Help develop your short-term and long-term targets moving forward

  3. List of recommendations on achieving the targets set


FINdetail's mission is to empower small businesses to evolve

FINacademy was established to make the tools that small business owners need

readily available and on-demand

Why FINdetail

Because we love to…

(1) Help our clients turn profit into a habit

(2) Help our clients find their sweet spot

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(3) Help our clients scale their business

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(4) Help our clients identify their ideal market wave

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(5) Make our clients’ lives as easy as possible

At FINdetail our passion doesn't end with your company’s financial story, we’re passionate about the way it’s written. We'll help improve your workflows surrounding data, increasing efficiency so that you can concentrate on the areas of your business that drive profit. Here at FINdetail we're on a constant mission to turn square wheels into round ones.

At FINdetail our passion doesn't end with your company’s financial story, we’re passionate about the way it’s written. We'll help improve your workflows surrounding data, increasing efficiency so that you can concentrate on the areas of your business that drive profit. Here at FINdetail we're on a constant mission to turn square wheels into round ones.

(6) Work with industries that we're passionate about


We are passionate about small businesses but especially Non-Profits!

We love that they serve noble goals and “give to give”

(7) Deliver happiness to our clients and WOW them!

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My FINstory

Road to FINdetail

An accountant from birth, I've always been very analytical and viewed scenarios in an if/then frame of reasoning. This mental framework lent itself nicely to the language of accounting.

So why did I form FINdetail? I realized that three of my top passions in life were accounting, optimizing processes, as well as, helping others. I then formed FINdetail in order to combine my passions into service offerings, thereby, creating my dream job description. Now I don’t work a single day of my life, I just help clients I love by doing what I love, and I couldn't be happier!

Road to FINfreedom

“Money doesn’t buy you happiness”

BUT I have found financial freedom does!!!

Financial success isn’t what we think it is based on popular views like, “I know I’ll have made it when I drive a luxury car, have a mansion, a huge yacht...” These are what society tries to convince us are the metrics for success, just look at almost every advert on TV (e.g. successful movie star driving a luxury car). It makes sense, companies want to make money and material goods are tangible and easy to measure success by.

Success, in my view,  is really financial freedom ("FINfreedom"). The peace of mind you get from knowing you’ve put in place easy, daily and monthly habits that have resulted in a cash reserve for you to tap into on good days and bad! Family vacation? Laid off from a job? Have no fear your reserve is there!

And I’m here to tell you that you can attain FINfreedom no matter what the size/stage of your business!

Who We Are

Melanie McTaggart | Founder & Managing Director

Melanie has in depth experience in the asset management industry both as a Chief Financial Officer of an Investment Manager to a traditional master-feeder hedge fund structure and as an auditor with Ernst & Young, working in their New York City and Cayman Islands offices. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School of Business) obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Economics with concentrations in Accounting, Finance and Legal Studies & Business Ethics. She obtained a Master of Professional Accounting from The University of Texas at Austin (McCombs School of Business) with a GPA of 3.97. She is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the State of New York.  Melanie has also passed Level I of the CFA. She is a QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified ProAdvisor. Melanie is a member of the Cayman Islands Institute of Professional Accountants where she serves on the Careers and Mentoring Committee, and the Accountants in Business Committee. Melanie is also a member of the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce and the Cayman Islands Small Business Association.

I am on a mission to eliminate the pay check to pay check life style and bring my clients the financial freedom they deserve!
— Melanie McTaggart